Leonid Bugaev
an expert in mobile technologies, author of Mobile Marketing: How To Charge One's Business In Mobile World and Mobile Networking books. Founder of an advertising agency Nordic Agency AB; creative and marketing in digital sphere.

He is a curator of Mobile application design course in British Higher School of Art and Design. Leonid helps developing companies find an aim through mobile technologies.

For the last 20 years, has been working on the Internet, creating projects for companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Intel.


Expert in mobile networking:
connects people who are interested in finding new business partners and to establish successful relationships between business partners.

Igor Mann, Radislav Gandapas, Radmilo Lukich, Peter Diamandis,
Al Ries, Thomas Gad:
bright and interesting people with whom Leonid met once promoted the idea of networking in Russia.

Leonid has shared the stage with Keith Ferrazzi, the world's foremost expert in professional relationship development and best-selling author of "Never Eat Alone" book.
With Keith Ferrazzi

As founder of Nordic Agency AB, a digital research-based consulting and training company, Bugaev provides corporate leaders with strategic consulting and training to improve performance in mobile world, and team cohesion, with an emphasis on personal transformation. Bugaev launched his career at the lead Russian web-design studio (Art. Lebedev Studio, #1 in digital sphere) and continued as a Creative Director at IMSG Group of Companies.
Mobile cases: lecture at Google office
Emerging technologies - speech at Microsoft Russia HQ

The book "Mobile marketing: how to charge your business in the mobile world", dedicated to mobile applications, channels of promotion and communication with new users. The book is a guide for the desktop business owners and managers of marketing departments of large companies.

«The Mobile Marketing book says about marketing in the new mobile world. Ideas about mobile marketing communications will be equally useful and experienced managers, owners and start-ups»
Vladimir Dolgov
ex-CEO Google Russia,
CEO eBay Russia
«Mobile devices are all around us. For the entrepreneur are essential knowledge to run their business and in the mobile world. This book is just the necessary knowledge in a compact and easy-to-read format»
Nikolai Pryanishnikov
CEO, Microsoft Russia

The book «Mobile Networking: how business relationships are born»

Connections are everything. Want easy to make useful contacts? Communicating with successful people on an equal footing? Practical advice on the establishment of mutually beneficial ties can be found in this book. One of the most important skills in life and business - networking, or the ability to build links between people. The ability to communicate openly helps you to build a network of useful contacts. Learn how to make your communications work! Use the power of dating success in business!

«Business relationships require building strong bonds between people and deep understanding. Mobile networking, if properly use it - a powerful tool for success»
Keith Ferrazzi
bestselling author of «Never eat alone and other rules of networking»
Organizations that choose the dynamics, development and constant training
Your team may also choose a course, presentation or workshop on the topic of mobility, networking, operating efficiency, mobile marketing or mobile design. Details - on the page below.

For years, Leonid's mission was to help top achievers win at work and succeed at life. The driving force that makes Leonid move forward can be described with this slogan: "Mobile technology speeds up our lives and makes the future accessible. The task that remains to be the most difficult is to speed up the actions of the people who will lead us into this future."
With Esther Dyson, founder of EDventure Holdings
As an expert in mobile technologies, Leonid has been working on different project. His experience includes projects with Augmented Reality, Creative, Markting and Mobile Design.

Bright ideas. Different areas.

Health / Human longevity
Global Education / Learning
Exponential technologies
Global Impact Ideas
Urban living
TEDx Speaker
Lighting Up With Ideas

Leonid is a guest speaker at numerous conferences in Russia and abroad. Among his accomplishments, there are speeches at the TEDx conference, Russian Internet Forum (RIF), Innovation Convent (Skolkovo), Startup Weekend, a series of lectures on a mobile design within the British Higher School of Art and Design. He participated in numerous conferences devoted to the Internet and mobile technologies. He performed at the summer school HSE business incubator, mentoring Start-up Ukraine school and the start-up Sauna Warmup (Helsinki).

Leonid shared the stage with such distinguished experts as Keith Ferrazzi, Radislav Gandapas, Radmilo Lukich, Igor Mann, and Constantine Baksht.

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Public appearances
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+7 (925) 344-29-90
«One of the most respected teachers»
Leonid Bugaev is one of the most respected teachers. Training unit of mobile applications helped the majority to enlarge outlook about mobility. Mr. Bugaev is a person to whom, beside British Higher School of Art and Design, anyone would like to come and learn.

The students of the British Higher School of Art and Design.

«Google Russia has been conducting educational training for their clients. Leonid Bugaev appears to be a wonderful partner for us. He is that man who talks about his experience of achieving success in mobile marketing professionally and charismatically!»

Vladimir Dolgov,
CEO, Google Russia
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